How do I get Goringes  to value my items for auction?
Regardless of where you live Goringes  auction services extend across the South East and beyond, location is not a problem.The first step to selling through Goringes  is to obtain a valuation.

We are happy to provide valuations ONLY for items of QUALITY in the following categories:

♦  ANTIQUE furniture

♦  BRONZES and early carvings

♦  CLOCKS, barometers and scientific instruments, collectors’ items

♦  ANTIQUE and good-quality ceramics, ivories and works of art

♦  SILVER (not plated items), jewellery

♦  COINS medals and bank notes

♦  OIL PAINTINGS, watercolours, engravings and miniatures

♦  ORIENTAL carpets and rugs

♦  ANTIQUARIAN, colour plate and first edition books

Auction valuations are free and can be obtained in the following ways…..
You can post us a description and photograph
The best way to find the appropriate office to post descriptions & photographs is to, is to visit our ‘contact us’ or ‘locations’ page and send in your valuation request to the nearest saleroom or office, who will then contact you.

You can email a description and/or image
Our auctioneers are able to accurately assess and value items by email providing a clear image/s had been sent.
Bring your property for valuation to any Goringes  office
Although we are able to estimate the value of your property from photographs and descriptions, and this is a good starting point, a more accurate valuation requires seeing the object first hand. To find your nearest Goringes  auction room or Office visit our ‘contact us’ page which will give you the appropriate address, contact details and opening hours for all our offices and salerooms. We always recommend telephoning in advance.

If your property is too large to bring in for valuation
We can arrange for an auctioneer to make a convenient ‘house visit’ to assess items that are too large to bring in for valuation. Please visit our ‘contact us’ page to find your nearest Goringes  office, who once contacted will be happy to make an appointment to come and value your property you wish to enter for auction.
What happens after I have decided I would like Goringes  to sell my property? 
After you have had your items valued and decided you wish sell your property, you need to enter your items into auction….

From valuation to entering my property into an auction
Once we have discussed your requirements with you and inspected your property you are considering selling, wewill give you a written estimate of what the item(s) are likely to realise at auction and will advise you of the most appropriate sale.

Transporting your property to the saleroom
The property that you wish to sell should be delivered to the appropriate local Goringes  saleroom – this will be advised at point of valuation/contact. If you are unable to deliver your items personally, at your own cost, Goringes  can organise carriage on your behalf. This will usually be arranged through our ‘in house’ Goringes  professional collection service – please askfor further details / quotation. If you are consigning goods from overseas, at your own cost, international shipping agents can be recommended N.B charges and VAT / import duty may apply.

Receipt for auction consignment …
When you have consigned your goods for auction with Goringes , our auctioneers will discuss your sale requirements with you and record these on a written Receipt Form. This document is confirmation of your instruction for us to sell your items. It is your contract with Goringes  and your receipt for the property you have consigned. The receipt includes your personal reference number for that particular auction consignment, which should be quoted in all communication concerning your sale items. N.B. This form also specifies our outline conditions of business full conditions of sale are available on request.